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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War #1850 by JESman I am looking for Elite/Master ranked players who almost play daily COD. I have a team of 3 players who are searching for a good 4th player which we connect well with. We play most nights for 4-5hours straight and are looking to enter some tournaments if everything goes ..
Hell Let Loose #1839 by Panzer Division Можно приятно поговорить и неплохой тактик в роли командира
Fortnite #1828 by wenadi Не токсик и неплохо играю
Escape from Tarkov #1739 by elOne Новичков в таркове, ищу тиммейта что-бы вместе поиграть 16yo
Apex Legends #1691 by Venomnightmare Looking for one person to join me and a friend.
Warface #1682 by кризиз_2 Помогу с гидрой я сам не могу пройти 20 волну. Сервер чарли регион москва. Ник кризиз_2