System Requirements in Games

system requirements
This is a list of computer parameters required for the game to work on it, to which the actual system requirements are written.

These characteristics can describe requirements both to components that can be crammed with a system unit (type of processor and its frequency, video card model, amount of RAM), and software installed on a computer (operating system, support and availability of some program or third-party services). Usually requirements are made by the game developers.

Despite the fact that the system requirements are a whole list of various parameters, among them are the main criteria for power - three whales that provide the necessary system power, these are the Video Card, the Processor and the RAM. The remaining components can be refered to organizational.

Please note: requirements announced by developers may be approximate and therefore differ from actual ones. This means that if your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements of a game, this does not mean that it will not be able to start and may even be playable.

If you are wondering will my computer run the game or if you want to take the test online, can the game run on my PC, then you can simply specify the components of your computer here and then go to the page with the requirements of the game you need. On the charts it will be clear whether your computer meets the minimum and recommended system requirements.